When Aging, Insecure Parents Call For Whatever

aging parents

It’s getting late, like around 11 pm when you’re supposed to be either watching the news or already in bed with a book or listening to music and nearing sleep time.

The phone rings.

A parent. Or both. Just to see if you’re okay. You assure him/her/them you are.

Then comes the zinger: ‘well, you may be okay, but since you haven’t called in three days, I might not be okay at all! I could be dead already and you wouldn’t even know. Or, it seems, care!’

Wow. When aging, insecure parents call for whatever. Love in action?

Well, actually, maybe it is. Love in the sense she just plain misses you, longs for you, worries about you, and worries about herself.

Happened to me a lot, and I know dozens of friends who can share the same kind of experience many times over.

Maybe we need to listen close for why the call and then do a better job preempting their need.

Article originally published in Seniors Lifestyle Magazine. Used here by permission.
Author: Bart Mindszenthy
Author Email: bart@mrcom.com