Providing Quality and Dignity for Seniors Isn’t Difficult

supporting seniors

Did you get a chance to view my article on how you treat your mother as she ages? While this was based on the notion of a mother to a daughter, it truly reflected any relationship between a parent and a child. Father to son, mother to son, father to daughter etc. It also was a good gauge for grandchildren to help understand their aging grandparents. But it can also be a message from a senior to a caregiver. Family or professional. Supporting seniors with dignity and respect is essential for all of us. Whether they are family or not.

As we age many things change, some for better and some for the worse. But getting older is truly better. Why you ask? Supporting seniors provides an opportunity for the younger to learn and also the senior. It provides a chance to share your immense knowledge and share information. Supporting seniors is a circle. We support them and they can support us.

Here’s some ways to ensure we are supporting seniors

  1. Give them your time. I know we are all busy but we all can at least pick up the phone or stop by for a quick visit. Minutes from us is like a lifetime to seniors.
  2. Give them technology. Easy access to us is half the battle. Let them feel close and connected no matter where they live. If you can’t make it in person, connect electronically.
  3. Forget when they forget. I don’t know about you but as soon as I turned 40 my memory lost a few notches. Cut them some slack and don’t get frustrated.
  4. Offer assistance. If they need help with something, i.e. getting organized, figuring out something technical or even just bringing a meal. This shows respect and appreciation. They did it for us when we were younger. Why can’t we do it now that they are older?
  5. Love them unconditionally. You have heard that term many times I am sure. For those that are parents, you know what I mean. And remember when we were younger, these seniors loved us unconditionally and deserve the same from us now.
  6. Always show love and respect. This gives them dignity and us. Lack of love and respect strips everyone of their dignity. So just show kindness and make it happen!

The original article that inspired me for this article was specific to caregivers within the profession. But when I read it, I thought the 8 tips go without saying and are a good reminder to all of us as family. Whether professionals are dloing these tips or not, us as family should be!

Article originally published in Seniors Lifestyle Magazine. Used here by permission.
Author: Meredith White
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